Hey there, I’m Candice Lesage. ??

I’m a self-taught creative mind who loves learning new stuff on a daily basis. It means I’m a fast-learner, attentive and curious person. I’m enthusiastic about creating stuff.

I’m currently the manager of the Design System of La Banque Postale in order to improve the websites user experience.   

On my free time, I love travelling, a good old cup of coffee, taking long walks in the cold fresh air, taking pictures, writing and reading (more than 200 books a year! Who said people didn’t read anymore?). I’ve been a story-teller for many years now.

Here’s my email : candicelesage@gmail.com

Random facts you should know about me :

  1. I’m a quiet person in general but will be loud to defend my ideas.
  2. I’m a proud introvert.
  3. My empathy is off the roof. Ask my friends.
  4. I practice drawing on a weekly basis.
  5. I own exactly 78 notebooks. Guess I like being organized and writing a bit too much, right?
  6. I learnt web design and development at the age of 11 when I was too obsessed with Lord of the Rings and wanted to share my love on the internet.
  7. I’m French and have a Bachelor’s degree in English language. I also know how to speak Spanish, Italian and started learning German.
  8. My favourite country to travel to was definitely Iceland. But take me anywhere where I can see beautiful mountains and I’ll be thrilled.